Why is Green Lip Mussel so good for Dogs and Cats?

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What is a Green Lip Mussel and where does it come from?

The Green Lip Mussel is native to New Zealand and is a shellfish found in the coastal waters around the country.  The natives of New Zealand, the Maoris, have known of the beneficial health effects of the mussel on humans for some 100 years but it has only been introduced to Western medicine more recently.  The mussel has a greenish hue along the shell edge, or lip, which led to it being called a Green Lip Mussel, also known as the Green Lipped Mussel or New Zealand Mussel.

The Benefits of Green Lip Mussel Extracts

You may not have noticed but there are a number of Green Lip Mussel based supplements available for humans and similar supplements have recently been introduced into the pet world where they are available for dogs and cats.

In recent studies in the US, human sufferers of mild to moderate osteoarthritis were invited to take a food supplement with Green Lip Mussel extract for three months to determine whether the supplement had any noticeable effect.  After the three month period had completed indexed scores for improvement revealed a boost of more than 30 per cent when compared with the base scores at the start of the study.

It is well known now that Green Lip Mussel extracts are a rich source of Omega-3 and a powerful combination of fatty acids and minerals.  This marriage forms a rich and natural anti-inflammatory and is a source of glucosamine and chondroitin which act as building blocks for bones and cartilage.

Additionally, Green Lip Mussel is also a superfood containing a supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants  which all support optimum health, with antioxidants acting to protect cells from free radicals which can attack to weaken the cells and produce cancerous growths in the body.

So Green Lip Mussel extract can benefit the human, dog and cat body in a number of ways, for example it can:

  • Reduce inflammation in joints lessening pain and suffering through its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ease movement in stiff and arthritic joints assisting better health through improved exercise and restored quality of life
  • Combat free radicals circulating in the body by protecting cells from attack damage through the action of antioxidants.

Why Would Our Dogs and Cats need Green Lip Mussel Extract?

As dogs ands cats age they are a little like people in that they become a little less active and this can begin to bring on conditions such as joint inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism.  It is known that as dogs approach the age of eight our canine buddies can begin to develop arthritic joints. Sadly, this can develop into osteoarthritis which is a painful disease that affects the quality and length of life.

Cats as they age can suffer in similar ways when joints become stiff and movement painful.  They sleep more and move less which means that muscles don’t get exercised and their quality of life begins to suffer as their horizons become ever narrower.

The cell structure in dogs and cats can be subject to free radical damage, sometimes caused through the presence of toxins in the atmosphere and sometimes through the use of lesser food products which contain less than beneficial ingredients.  Like the effect of fast and processed food on human bodies, inferior and badly prepared foods can have the same effect on our pets.

In a detailed analysis by Waltham, based in the UK, they carried out a series of controlled studies on dogs aged 4-13 years old which had been showing degrees of naturally-occurring arthritis for at least 4 months.  The dosage of Green Lip Mussel supplement fed to any group varied depending on the weight of the dog.  The studies were carried out over a six week period.

In the Green Lip Mussel supplemented groups, total arthritic score, joint pain and joint swelling at the end of the studies showed significant improvement compared to the respective control groups.  The data produced from the studies showed that Green Lip Mussel supplementation can help to alleviate the signs of arthritis in dogs.

(For fuller details of the studies completed by Waltham please follow this link.)

What to do next?

Naturally, you’ll want to do some research of your own on the Green Lip Mussel and its beneficial properties and you’ll want to do some shopping around to find the right product for your guys and gals.

What you need to consider are the beneficial effects this little mussel can have on your dog or cat.  Not only does it act as a superfood but it has been shown to relieve joint pain and inflammation.  So don’t wait until your pet dog or cat shows signs of inflammation or stiffness as the superfood benefits can be working on your buddies from an early age giving them a long and happy life.  You know it makes sense.

If you already give your pet glucosamine, chondroitin or fish oil extracts then this may accelerate the rate of recovery when delivered alongside the Green Lip Mussel extract. 

Finally, there are pet specific products available now which include Green Lip Mussel extracts alongside other beneficial ingredients which promote optimum health in dogs and cats.


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