Holistic Pet Day – 30th August 2016

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Did you know that it’s Holistic Pet Day on August 30th? What is Holistic Health Care? The expression, ‘holistic health care’ has been used more and more in recent years in the treatment and prevention of health conditions in humans through alternative forms of treatment. An earlier blog article mentioned this in passing in discussing […]

Advanced Pet Probiotics Achieves #1 New Release

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New Advanced Pet Probiotics Achieves #1 New Release Recognition PurePetsPlus is proud to announce that its latest product to be made available on Amazon.com has been awarded a prestigious #1 New Release Badge in the Cat Supplements and Vitamins category. The product, a Probiotics Powder for Dogs and Cats, was launched on Amazon just a […]


Why is Green Lip Mussel so good for Dogs and Cats?

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What is a Green Lip Mussel and where does it come from? The Green Lip Mussel is native to New Zealand and is a shellfish found in the coastal waters around the country.  The natives of New Zealand, the Maoris, have known of the beneficial health effects of the mussel on humans for some 100 […]