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Ashlee Herche, 5* Amazon Review
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ellie is always killing rodents (she killed a possum and groundhog just this week) and eating sticks and really anything she sees fit. So I like to give her something to help with her digestion. She really enjoys the taste of this powder and happily ate it all up.

Ellie has seemed to be more regular during our walks and she seems to be benefiting for this probiotic. I do also like that it’s a powder so it is easier to incorporate with her food.

German Shepherd Rescue Dog
Amazon Customer
5* Amazon Review

We have 3 rescue dogs, 2 German Shepherds and 1 Pitbull!!! They all take multiple vitamins and minerals in their food including coconut oil! The probiotics powder helps cut out more than half of the add ins and half of my time getting their meals ready.

With healthy eating and supplements comes more poop and lots of it!!! But from the looks of it.. After a week it's lots of healthy poop!!

German Shepherd Rescue Dog
NizMonstew 5.
5 Star Amazon Customer

My two year old yellow lab has terrible issues with yeast infections on her skin. It causes her skin to turn a dark gray color and, oh my, does it stink! The vet recommended a diet change and the addition of probiotics to her diet. I've tried probiotics in capsule form but she won't eat them. This powder blend from Pure Pets Plus has worked great!

After nearly a week of use her belly skin is turning back to a pinkish color and the infection is starting to go away.