Is Prevention Better Than Cure For Your Pet’s Health?

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Is Prevention Better than Cure for your Pet’s Health?

Of course the answer has to be a resounding YES. More and more we see this important subject taking up yards of column space in magazines, newspapers and online blogs.  My own view is that if you could prevent an illness occurring in your own body by taking something natural and organic on a regular basis, then it’s got to be worth it, don’t you agree?

Every day, we make seemingly simple decisions on what to feed our bodies.  How does that go for you? will it be a superfood green smoothie for breakfast? a simple salad for lunch or do you more often than not, reach into the cold cabinet for a Caramel Core Ben & Jerry’s? 

What about our Pets?

Now spare a thought for those furry companions that we choose to share our lives with. They don’t have a choice, because we’re the ones responsible for making decisions on what they get to eat and drink each day.

Oh yes, they’ll soon let you know that they don’t like whatever you’re offering them by stubbornly walking away from it with noses held high. I can’t count the number of times my little darling has refused what used to be her favorite brand of food, acting like I was trying to poison her! Bless her…

Just like us, dogs, cats and other small domestic pets are at risk to all sorts of modern illnesses and general wear and tear complaints which can make their lives miserable, and it is very distressing for us owners because our pets can’t tell us exactly where it hurts or how they feel.  

It turns into a bit of a guessing game. Maybe they sleep a lot, don’t eat like they used to, move more slowly and painfully, their skin and fur shows signs of distress or (eeek!) their poop is copious and runny!.  I know I don’t like it when any of that stuff happens to me, so I’m sure they don’t either.

What can go wrong with them?

We are all so much better informed today on how we can help ourselves to stay fit and healthy, as pet owners we should also be looking for ways to help keep our pets in the best of health too.

There are many illnesses which can affect our beloved pets, many of which can be prevented if caught in the early stages.  Many dog owners in particular will have seen their pets suffer from digestive ailments such as gas, indigestion and diarrhea.    

Antibiotics may help, getting them down them in the first instance is possibly one hurdle, but we also know that antibiotics also can kill the live, good bacteria which is necessary for a healthy gut. So why wouldn’t we feed them lots of good live bacteria as part of their regular diet routine? Prevention – rather than cure!

Just as we humans identify more avoidable illnesses and minor ailments that affect us, the same goes for our pets.  Veterinary science is identifying more disorders suffered by our pets and pet insurance goes up year on year in a struggle to keep up with treatments.  

So how can we help our pets stay healthy?

We come back to the question prevention or cure? What small action could you take today to avoid the pain tomorrow?

The pet health market has boomed in recent years with so many natural  supplements designed to treat or prevent all manner of illnesses which can affect our pets.  Just a browsing through the Pet Supplies category of any online shopfront will tell you the huge variety that is available.  

And, they come in all forms from powders to chews and from gels and liquids to oils. The range covers probiotics to vitamins, minerals to extracts from the oceans. So, the choice is yours….prevention or cure?

According to ‘Pet Supplements in the US, 5th Edition’, spending on the pet supplement market advanced to $541 million in 2014.  On this evidence alone I’d say many pet owners feel that prevention in the form of pet supplements is better than trying to find a cure after the event. So, let’s get shopping!


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